Double gold

San francisco
World spirits competition 2022

Best of class

San francisco
World spirits competition 2022

Product InformationMorbleu

Morbleu is a festive rum with bold properties. Thanks to its blend of spices, it's the pride of Distillerie Mariana since its recipe conceals precious Québec ingredients. Will you be able to discover its secret?

Spiced rum
Degree of alcohol
cardamom, star anise, rosemary, traveller's comptonia, vanilla.

Gluten free

Allergy free


Morbleu Rum's unique properties are the result of meticulous work. To create the best spiced rum ever, our distillers relied on a blend of spices that lies at the crossroads of exoticism and the special character of Québec nature. This blend of cardamom, star anise, vanilla, rosemary and traveller's comptonia is perfectly balanced. Its very refined body is smooth and silky. On the palate, it reveals light fresh and herbaceous notes of mint together with a soft and supple texture.

Morbleu Rum received the most prestigious recognition, the 2022 Best of Class medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most important competition in its category.

Aromas & Flavors

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Gather your crew, grab your bottle of Morbleu and take your senses on a journey!
Rum has always been associated with the world of navigation, pirate stories and mysterious quests. With its fragrant signature, Morbleu evokes the spice road and the unquenchable thirst for adventure that once consumed explorers.

But it's at the confluence of Trois-Rivières that the prolific Québec soil seduced our distillers – those adventurers in search of unique flavours who created the Morbleu spiced rum.