Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.

Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.


To create our products, we draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds us. The result: spirits with original and authentic flavours.

Grands Voyageurs


Canadian maple whisky liqueur at its best!

Morbleu rhum épicé

Spiced rum

An authentic spiced rum with notes both exotic and local.


Almond-nut liqueur

An amaretto made with maple syrup and balsam myrtle... Rediscover Québec's terroir with our version of this Italian classic.


Dry gin

Dry forest gin with notes of balsam, wood and light smoke inspired by Québec nature.

Morbleu chocolate

Flavoured spiced rum (chocolate)

A chocolate version of our classic Morbleu... The best of both worlds for lovers of rum and chocolate.


Wild flowers gin

A complex gin with an aromatic profile marked by the use of wild flowers, spices and grapefruit peels.

Morbleu Blanc

White Rum

Straight from the depths, Morbleu Blanc will be the essential part of your cocktails with its esters reminiscent of pineapple, banana and tropical fruits.


Cream beverage

The cream of sugar cream, our tasty version of this great Québec classic.

Avril amaretto fizz

Spirit-based cooler

A refreshing summer lemonade made with our Avril amaretto, lemon juice and sparkling water. A very lemony ready-to-drink cocktail!

Saint-Crème Vegan Version

Cream beverage

A vegan version of a classic!

Violette pamplemousse

Spirit-based cooler

The Violette Pamplemousse ready-to-drink cocktail is a perfect blend of wild flowers and the subtle bitterness of grapefruit. A cocktail to be enjoyed cold and in good company.

Morbleu- Jungle Bird


Morbleu Trilogy Discovery Box


The perfect introduction to the three interpretations of rum offered by Mariana.



The traditional absinthe flavour with a touch of citrus and hints of Québec hops.


Bitter liqueur

A blend of citrus and bitter Québec herbs. The perfect liqueur for spritzes, sangrias and margaritas!