Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.

Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.

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Hooké Gin Signed Canopée – Celebrate Nature

A new limited edition gin from Distillerie Mariana has just hit the shelves of the SAQ. Easy to recognize with its packaging featuring the most imposing deer in our forests, HOOKÉ gin by CANOPÉE has just come out of its oak barrels to toast the 10th anniversary of HOOKÉ.

A natural partnership

Distillerie Mariana and Hooké… Two companies with strong Quebec roots.

One extracts the unicity of our forest aromas… The other dresses and equips hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. Over the years, with some adventures and common passions, complicity has been established.

The two teams have been working together for a few years on several projects. It was therefore natural that the idea of producing a unique gin dedicated to a decade of successes came up: HOOKÉ by CANOPÉE. This special edition of Canopée gin celebrates the partnership between two companies driven by their passion for Quebec’s nature.

A gin in the purest forestry tradition

HOOKÉ gin embodies with great style the king of our forests in all his power and vitality. In its subtilities, it drinks from the spirits that make up its environment. Black spruce and cedar from the Mauricie region were macerated with juniper berries before being distilled. The gin was then aged in oak barrels impregnated with Canadian whisky. The result? An experience of sapinous flavors, rich in the mouth, with woody notes and vanilla accents. To be enjoyed in the forest, on the shore of a lake or in a cabin!

A production at the rhythm of nature

HOOKÉ gin has been produced with patience and passion. Philippe explains: “First, we have to find the mature conifers that give us the best oil performance, those that are between 10 and 30 years old. The highly desired essential oil is found at the end of the new branches, which are carefully cut to ensure the tree’s longevity. Our harvest then rests in alcohol for 12 to 24 hours to extract the precious oil and release all its aromas. It is also at this stage that we add the juniper berries which are the essence of the gin.

Then comes the delicate process of distillation which requires precision and expertise. It is all a question of temperature. A too low heat prevents the needles from delivering their oil, a too high heat produces bitter tastes. Towards the end of the distillation process, it is necessary to control the flow of steam with a careful dosage and a touch of instinct to obtain the desired flavor notes. This is the art and the well-kept secret of our master distiller.

In the case of HOOKÉ gin, the precious spirit was matured in oak barrels that had previously been used for whiskey, creating a truly distinctive flavor on the tongue. Then it was time to let it do its work. As HOOKÉ gin aged with oak and whiskey, it revealed its unique essence to be discovered at your own pace.

Live your adventures again and dream of those to come

The HOOKÉ gin by CANOPÉE is now available in SAQ for a limited edition. First to arrive, first to drink!