Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.

Until November 27, take advantage of $2 off + 500 Inspire points on Saint-Crème.

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Saint-Crème wins the Double Gold Medal in New York

Saint-Crème has been a favorite among residents of Quebec for many years now. It’s the perfect drink for slow mornings and long evenings. Now it has made a name for itself internationally. This fall, Saint-Crème won the Double Gold Medal at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition, the most important distinction in its category. This award places Saint-Crème as one of the best cream liquors in the world. Distillerie Mariana is the first Quebec distillery to win this title for a cream liquor.

To award the Double Gold designation to a product, the jury first tastes the liquors blind for two days. During the tastings, the products are evaluated individually – not in comparison to each other. At this stage, the judges determine which products earn a gold, silver or bronze medal. Liquors that receive a Gold medal from all judges are awarded a Double Gold Medal. Very few earn this prestigious distinction.

 “It is an honor for us to receive another medal of this stature after winning Best of Class at the San Francisco World Spirits Award 2022 with our Morbleu rum,” says Philippe Leblanc, owner of the Distillerie Mariana. Saint-Crème is inspired by our Quebec roots and is already a source of inspiration in the province. It is part of our traditions to enjoy good times with our loved ones. To see it shine on the international scene in one of the most renowned competitions in the industry makes us extremely proud and the Double Gold award places Distillerie Mariana as an important player once again.

The distillery recently launched a vegan version of its Saint-Crème product. The cream so appreciated by the people of Quebec is now more inclusive by offering a lactose-free option.

The other products of the distillery also stood out. Morbleu Spiced Rum and Morbleu Chocolate Rum both received a Gold Medal in the Rum category. The Avril Amaretto and the Balzac Absinthe won a silver medal.

Established in 2013, the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition (NYWSC) is considered one of the most highly regarded competitions in the spirits world. The judging panel is made up of the industry’s most renowned professionals. The NYWSC is a member of The Tasting Alliance, the affiliate organization of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

About us

Founded in 2015 in Louiseville, Mauricie, Distillerie Mariana is a leading force in Quebec’s micro-distillery industry. The word Mariana is one of the components of the Latin name for black spruce – Picea Mariana – an emblematic symbol of Quebec’s boreal forest as well as a distinctive flavor found in Canopée forest gin.

Since Philippe Leblanc acquired the distillery in 2019, the company has more than doubled its sales and expects to see equally steady growth over the next few years. 

In the fall of 2023, Distillerie Mariana will set up a new location in the agri-food innovation center L’Ouvrage, in the heart of Trois-Rivières, where it will produce specialized spirits, in addition to offering tours and access to a restaurant and bar. The company is also planning to build a new production site in order to give itself the means to achieve its national and international ambitions.

Thirteen products from Distillerie Mariana are available at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), including Canopée boreal gin, Violette gin, LOOP flavored gin, Morbleu spiced rum, Morbleu Chocolate flavored spiced rum, Balzac absinthe, Avril amaretto, Saint-Crème cream drink and its vegan version, Zeste aperitif citrus liquor, Violette Pamplemousse ready-to-drink, LOOP Gin Fizz and Avril Amaretto Fizz ready-to-drink.


Cream beverage

The cream of sugar cream, our tasty version of this great Québec classic.